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Inductance heating has the advantages of safety and environmental protection

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Inductance heating is an advanced, fast and controllable heating method. Compared with the traditional heating, oil bath heating, and torch heating, it is easy to produce fumes, waste oil and harmful human health. The inductive heating has the advantages of safety and environmental protection.               
Applicable to bearings and other parts
The electric induction heater has various uses, and can be used for heating the ring workpiece such as bearing, gear, mechanical bushing and connecting piece. As we all know, proper installation can extend the life of bearings. Controlled inductor heating can prevent unnecessary damage and keep original pre lubrication. It is an ideal choice for installation with sealed bearings.
Heating safe and controllable      
Bearing heaters, gear heaters, inductive dismantling devices, toothed ring heaters and so on are all based on the principle of inductive heating.                      
During the heating process, the numerical control components can provide optimal control, automatically select the effective power supply, ensure that the heating is uniform and fast, without additional steps, no explosion occurs during the heating process, and no color fading or surface depression of the village will occur. Numerical control components can provide three years of shelf life.                    
Quality and reliability               
The electric induction heater is proved to be reliable. Because of the excellent cooling sheet, the electronic components can be used continuously. Rugged and easy to use design makes heater safer and suitable for continuous operation in industrial environment.                           
Advantages of electric induction heater
1. It is suitable for solid design in industrial environment.
2, microelectronic control unit can prevent overheating and explosion.
3. The unique and easy to use revolving arm;
4. The three year warranty period of the electronic components;
5, free maintenance;
6. It is suitable for continuous work.
7. Auto demagnetization;
8, automatic power regulation;
9. The range of products is wide;
10, meet the requirements of IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission).
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