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PTJ High-Speed Electric Arc Spraying Machine

spray gun workingpressure/consumption:
output power:16KW
output current max:300A 400A 500A
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Product description


PTJ – 300A High-speed Electric Arc Spraying Machine developed by our company is a high efficiency, low energy consumption and high-tech product.
Basing on the electric arc as heat source, melting the metal wire, atomization and cooling with the compressed air, blowing the metal wire into small particles which sprays to the surface of the work piece after heat treatment with high speed, the pipe obtains the ideal coating by the arc spraying machine.
QDIII-250 High-speed Electric Arc Spraying Gun can be hand-held or installed on the equipment for spraying. Thus the adaptability is wide.
This machine is mainly used for large area and long-term anti-corrosion of bridges, sluice gates, ships, oil and gas pipelines, iron towers, lamp-posts and other steel structure, and spraying repairment of paper dryer, printing roller, crankshaft and other workpiece. It can also be applied to the capacitor, electric porcelain spraying, etc. 


The spraying speed of QDIII - 250 High-speed Electric Arc Spraying Gun particles can reach above 300 m/s. The airflow speed of the spray nozzle can reach about 420 m/s.
 The coating density is more than double of the ordinary electric spray gun. Porosity < 3%. Spray particle deposition rate > 75%. The adhesive strength of the coating and the pipe surface is high. At the same time, the power supply and control are designed as one whole part, making the equipment more compact. Especially the spray gun adopts remote control air and electrical switches, making operation more convenient, solving the problem that there must be two workers operating at the same time, and realizing the long distance spraying and spraying at heights or spraying inside container.  Adopting the safe pressure makes the operation safe and reliable.

 Wire Fastening Device

The fastening part is one pair of flap cover made of high strength insulating material mounted on the gear box. Control clamp force of the wire by adjusting knob pressure, acheiving the ideal smooth wire conveying.Thread on the pressure shaft end inside the flap cover has left and right teeth. Teeth on right flap cover is left teeth.

Spraying Principle 

Principle: Make two roots of sprayed metal wire as a consumable electrode, the electric arc from the burning end of the wire will melt the equably fed wire, atomize the melted wire into small particles with the compressed air, spray the workpiece to form the coating. Spraying intersect at an angle (usually 30 ° ~ 60 °), two roots of wire sent consecutively, respectively connect cathode and anode. Wire end contact to make the arc starts. Under the function of the power supply, arc keeps stable burning. Behind the arc starting point, melting wires are atomized into to particles by high-speed compressed air, spraying to the pretreated surface to form the coating.

Spraying Gun Structure

The gun adopts stepless speed regulation. It can spray metal wire of different melting point such as zinc, aluminum, zinc alloy, copper, terne metal, high carbon steel, and stainless steel. Spraying wire specification is from Ø 1.2 to 3.0 mm.

Installation Instruction Diagram



The operators must read the instruction manual carefully before operating the spraying machine, clear the site, make site layout, pay attention to waterproof and dustproof. Connect the gas and electric according to (Figure 4). 
Electric arc light, noise, dust and harmful gas will bring harms to the operator. The company should protect the operators well.
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