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Metal Strip Material Automatic Shear Welder

Applicable for the online seam annealing of ∮114-∮610 straight seam steel pipe.
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Product description


It can be used for steel welding pipe production,continuous stamping production and other production.It can be finished the welding work of strip material(including stainless steel,carbon steel,galvanized strip,copper,aluminum) .


1. Adopt advanced shear process without burr.
2. It is easy to work for hydraulic pressure as power.
3. Clamping plank and keeping the level,all these controlled by  foot switch
4. Use tungsten TIG welding;The welding seam is small without polishing.  And it is high strength.
5. Automatic for welding.


1. Adopt oblique shear;Two down knives should be fixed on the down knife base.The base connected the frame by screws.The up knife should be installed on the moved frame.There is oil tank to move for up knife support frame.
2. Tighten;The position should be on the frame.Make two strips to  keep the level and press;Tighten the position to make right and left parts;It can be controlled the air  cylinder by foot switch.
3. To butt joint of right and left two pieces of strip,  clamping the middle of copper electrode plates by clamping device ;The welding torch should be fixed on the moved slider,It can be drive by  screw shaft.
4. The screw shaft drive by motor;  The motor can be adjusted speed by the inverter output frequency, then adjust the speed of welding torch.
5. The indicator is light for right and left ,it shows pressing tightly.on the contrary,it sends the materials.
6. It can be controlled by foot switch for right and left tight;The device will be move for foot action.
7. The shear foot switch is in the middle;The up knife will cut down for pressing the switch;Then the up knife will be back for loosening the switch.
8.  Adjust method:arc strike at edge 1-2.5mm;arc failure at edge 0.5-4mm.  
9.  Motorized button:there are front and back buttons;it can be adjusted the welding torch position by hand.Position by the indicator.
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