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Water Water Heat Exchanger

High efficiency of heat radiation, low cost, applicable to large power H.F equipment
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Product description

Working principle:

The internal circulation is distilled water for cooling equipment. The outer circulation is ordinary water, which is used to cool distilled water, and ultimately achieve the purpose of cooling equipment.


Stainless steel plate heat exchanger, circulating pump, circulating water tank, water pressure relay, external cooling water interface, electrical control part, base.

Advantages of cooling system applied to industrial heating equipment

The internal circulating water is distilled water, and the equipment waterway does not scale, and there will be no corrosion phenomenon, which greatly reduces the operation failure of the equipment.
Closed circulation, no debris to enter, the pipeline will not plug.
Small volume, good integrity, easy installation.
Closed water circulation requires very little water consumption.
It can avoid the trouble caused by condensate in the summer.
Compare to Air- water exchangers, water-water heat exchanger are more economical.

Water quality requirements for external reservoirs of water-water cooling systems

The water quality of the external distribution pool directly affects the normal operation of the water-water cooling system, thereby affecting the reliability of the equipment. It is suggested that the external distribution pool of Party A should be supplied with tap water. Specific requirements are as follows:
Water quality requirements: transparent, no turbidity, no sediment, no scaling. Prevent clogging and influence heat exchange capacity.
The cooling pool : Should be dust-proof to prevent all kinds of sundries from entering the pool and then entering the waterway, causing water blockage and affecting the heat exchange capacity.
Inlet pressure: 0.25MPa ~ 0.3Mpa
External circulating pump: power flow is not less than internal circulation pump.
The inlet temperature of external circulating water is less than 35 degrees Celsius.
Cooling towers can replace reservoirs. Customers are advised to replace the Cooling Pool with cooling towers.
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