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Air-Water Heat Exchanger

Sealed circulation system, distilled water cooling to avoid scaling.
Small area covered, easy handling, avoid reservoir.
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Product description

It is not recommended unless customers use water and water unconditionally.


Working principle:

The cooling water is driven by the circulating pump of the system, circulating between the coil of the heat exchanger and the inside of the equipment, and the heat of the cooling water is transmitted to the pipe wall. Spraying water uniformly sprays on the heat exchanger, cold air enters the tower from below the tower body under the action of the wind turbine, and the spraying water flows countercurrent through the surface of the heat exchanger. The spraying water fully absorbs the heat of the coil and flows into the water tank at the bottom of the tower, which is then conveyed to the spraying system by the spraying pump. In this way, the cooling water in the heat exchanger is cooled down.


It is composed of shell, heat exchanger, fan, sprinkling system, circulating pump, electric control and so on.


1. the system adopts totally closed cycle and distilled water cooling (avoid scaling).
2. high heat dissipation efficiency and low running cost.
3. small covered area.
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