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GCYP Series Solid-StateSuper-Audio Equipment

For the three-phase four-wire alternating current, its frequency is 50 Hz, and the line voltage is 380 V-415 V.
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Product description
GCYP series solid-statesuper-audio equipment adopts the modern power electric device IGBT (insulate-gate bipolar transistor) module as the key device of inverter. Its control system is consisted of rectifying circuit, power regulating circuit, protection circuit and control circuit, advanced frequency tracking and constant angle inverter triggering and optimized IGBT-driven protection circuit. The equipment has many advantages, such as high efficiency, simply and reliable circuit, convenient debugging and operation, not only improving the production process of the manufacturing enterprises, but also obviously improving the energy-saving effect. 
GCYP series solid-statesuper-audio equipment is a super-audio power supply that converts three-phase alternating current with the industrial frequency of 50 Hz into the single phase alternating current (7-50 kHz), which can be widely used in metal melting, welding, heat transfer, quenching and other heat processing and treatments. 

Operating environment

1. For indoor installation, the equipment shall be well grounded, the color of the grounding line must be obviously different from that of the control line, its sectional area is larger than 4 mm2, and the grounding resistance is not larger than 4 Ω; 
2. The altitude should not exceed 1,000 meters; Otherwise, the rated value should be reduced; 
3. The relative humidity of air shall be no more than 85%; 
4. No violent vibration, no conductive dust, no corrosive gases and explosive gases; 
5. The installation gradient shall be not more than 5°. 
6. The equipmentshall be installed in the position with good ventilation. 
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